Simona Halep – Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova forecast for the match 17.10.2018

On Wednesday there will be a tennis clash between Halep and Pavlyuchenkova. Before that, they have crossed each other eight times, and the Russian has never had any luck. Will she be able to win back? We’ll see.

Simona occupies the first place in the rating which is quite strange. This year she had 57 fights. The Romanian has not played indoors yet this season. It is important to note that she has lost in her last four matches.

Anastasia is now in the 40th place, although her best indicator is the thirteenth position. This season she has played 45 matches and managed to win 21 of them. Indoors she has played 7 rounds and has won 4 of them. In the first round she managed to beat Tomljanovic without any problems.

The forecast for the match Simona Halep – Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, P1 in the first set with F(+1,5). Simona is not particularly interested in tournaments, they are just imposed by the WTA bosses. She simply flubs these tournaments, and only shows her worth at the Tournament.